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  • Hair

    Wigs, Bundles, Frontal, Closers, Extensions Clip Ins, ITips && more

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  • Hair Products

    Edge Control, Waterproof Lace Glue, Glue Remover, Melt Bands && More

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  • How to videos & Hair inspiration

    How to properly use our product, techniques, && inspiration

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  • Fashion

    Tee Shirts, Crop Tops, Shorts, Skirts Sweater, Hoodies, Joggers, Sweatsuits && more

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    Lean more about the brand && the hustle behind it. Stay in tune with our social media platforms && podcast.

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Get to L💜VE us!!!!

The Cotton Candy Co Brand is a platform created to help achieve the desired look you wish to create for all communities.
Reserve a consultation to personalized one of a kind never seen creations.
Let us help you bring out your hidden chameleon.

What products would you like for us to carry?

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